Ole Lund Kirkegaard

Ole Lund Kirkegaard (29 July 1940, Aarhus — 24 March 1979) was a Danish writer of children's literature and youth literature and a teacher. He mainly wrote about the interaction between adult and child. The main character in his books is usually an anti-hero. In 1969 he was awarded with the Danish Ministry of Culture's children book prize (Denmark) (Kulturministeriets Børnebogspris)

Kirkegaard grew up in Skanderborg just south of Aarhus and many of his stories were inspired by his own childhood experiences there. He also illustrated his own books. On a cold winter night in 1979 Kirkegaard, on his way home, fell in the snow and could not get up again, after having had too much to drink. He froze to death on location, at just 38 years of age. The street of Ole Lund Kirkegaards Stræde in Skanderborg, is named after him.

Alle bøger af denne forfatter
Nyheder i din indbakke
Tilmeld dig vores nyhedsbrev
Tilmeld nu
Alle andre sprog
Trykt bog