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The secret of the four-day week – how to make your business grow by working less

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Welcome to a world of happy employees and healthy businesses! This book proves that fewer working hours and shorter working days can lead to more productivity and better sustainability for both companies and employees. 

The IT company IIH Nordic is based in Denmark, where the working week is usually 37 hours. Since 2017 they have operated with a four-day working week – eight hours a day, 30 hours a week. All 50 employees still receive the same salary as they did before, but now with every Friday off.

Although the company’s work week is reduced by a full day, it still produces as much as it did with a five-day week and has increased its result by 233 %. IIH Nordic has won several awards for its working environment – including Denmark’s Best Workplace for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

IIH serves as a shining example to the rest of the world that you can have an ambitious working life and enjoy great commercial success without necessarily sacrificing your freedom, health or family time. 

You will find the secret of their success in this book. It contains concrete facts and unique insights from the four-day work week, interviews with employees and experts, plus a number of simple tips and tools that you can apply in your working life, present to your boss or implement in your own business.

CEO Henrik Stenmann is the founder, owner and CEO of the company IIH Nordic. This book is based, amongst other things, on interviews with Henrik Stenmann, which clearly demonstrate that he is a true pioneer when it comes to creating the workplace of the future, where there is also room for human happiness.

The author, Pernille Garde Abildgaard (b. 1974), is an expert in personal and collective efficiency, where working hours are optimally utilised and the brain attains optimum efficiency. She possesses more than ten years of management experience in both private and public sector companies. She is also a sought-after public speaker.
Printed pages212
Publish date2020-Jan-29
Published byFrydenlund
Isbn print9788772162140
Isbn epub9788772161754
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