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The Season – Created by Scandinavian Artists

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Christmas is without doubt the highlight of the year, and the festive part of the winter season, filled with celebration, gathering friends and family alike on numerous occasions. Some of us go all in with decorations from the first Sunday of Advent. Others decorate gradually, so that more and more indoor and outdoor decorations sneak in throughout the Christmas period. We have lights, stars, wreaths, angels, ribbons, pinecones, and flowers, and to top it all, the Christmas tree in all its ornamental glory. 

Within these pages, you are privileged to be invited into the private universe of twelve creative and gifted Scandinavians. This book will inspire you, and perhaps even help you evolve some Christmas ideas and techniques of your own. You will see how to make beautiful and imaginative décor by bringing nature into your winter living space, or cutting and pasting using paper, wallpaper, and textiles. There will be a variety of table settings, gift wrapping, inspirational decorating ideas for sustainability, and numerous recipes for traditional Christmas temptations. 

You are provided with a brief introduction to the Scandinavian Christmas. Along the way, Danish interior designer Katrine Martensen-Larsen delves deeper into a variety of Nordic Christmas traditions. There are stories behind Advent, Decorations, Gifts, Lucia, Light, Calendars, typical foods and beverages during December, and of course the Christmas tree. All themes are beautifully illustrated by Sofia Lynggaard Normann and all the inspirational images are brought to life by the renowned photographer Mikkel Adsbøl.
Printed pages304
Publish date2020-Aug-01
Published byKML Design
Isbn print9788797192702
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