From the Southern Cross to the North Star

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Vinni and Carsten drop their careers; sell their home and possessions in order to fulfill their lifelong dream.  A dream of sailing around the world in their 40-foot sailboat, Capri.  
They left Copenhagen May 29, 2016. From the Southern Cross to the North Star is the sequel to their popular first book, Capri – Sailing Distant Seas.  
Here they continue their brutally honest description of blue water cruising.  
The book describes their adventures, both on the ocean and at anchor throughout the Pacific.  
It describes a life that is diametrically different from their past professional lives.  
Their choice has given them unbelievable freedom.  They live in close contact with nature and meet many new and different cultures.  
Throughout their travels, they find new friends from far-ranging countries. The book is aimed at not only cruising sailors, but also landlubbers.  
The authors hope to inspire the reader to live their dream – be it on land or water.       

Excerpt from the book
Both sails are in the third reef, Carsten is still immobile.  I’ve taken over the galley duties and I’m not (yet) seasick.  But I get very irritated when I work in the galley, nothing stays where I put it and the cook (me) has difficulty keeping her balance.  
Up in the cockpit, Carsten can hear me cursing like a true sailor.  He says my language would embarrass even an old salt. My apologies. I can’t wait until we get to an anchorage and truly hope that we will be able to lie quietly.  We have had enough of “rock and roll” (eighteenth day at sea).         

About the authors
Vinni Breuning (born 1959) registered nurse and MBA has been a hospital CEO for over 14 years, first at the Private Hospital Hamlet, thereafter for the hospitals in the southern Zeeland region of Denmark. Carsten Breuning (born 1952) was born in Denmark, but grew up as an immigrant to the United States.  He moved back to Europe as an adult.  He has a BBA and has been General Manager and CEO for both Danish and American companies in Denmark and The Netherlands.
Printed pages462
Publish date13 Dec 2021
ISBN print9788775751952
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