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Mademoiselle Scuderi

Set in Paris during King Louis the fourteenth's reign, E.T.A Hoffmann's 'Mademoiselle Scuderi' throws the reader into a city under siege from an organised group of thieves who rob citizens of their expensive jewellery. Aristocrat, Mademoiselle Scuderi, pens a poem mocking the men who now fear going out at night to see their mistresses but when an unexpected man visits her and delivers a box of jewellery, as thanks for supporting the thieves, Scuderi is plunged into a dangerous game of passion, crime, and murder.

People who enjoyed Netflix’s adaptation of ‘Lupin’ shouldn’t hesitate to read Hoffmann's exciting crime thriller 'Mademoiselle Scuderi' E.T.A Hoffmann was a German author of fantasy, and gothic horror, and was highly influential on the Romantic Movement. He is perhaps best known for writing the novella 'The Nutcracker and the Mouse King' which was the inspiration for Tchaikovsky's ballet 'The Nutcracker'.
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Publish date18 Apr 2022
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