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A Study in the Ephemeral

A Walk Among Poetry, Beauty and Truth

A Study in the Ephemeral is a poetry collection written in-between worlds, emotions, thoughts. The poems were written at night, at day and in-between joy, love and despair. They are the ephemeral in nature, the changing echo of it all, fleeting and passing quickly - yet returning. It is a search for the existential value in human life and love. Stories carry powerful meanings, they are how generations leave behind condensed meanings of a life lived and experienced. They have the power to move us or remind us of how the future often repeats the past. From stories we learn to see ourselves from what is reflected back at us. It is not always the words, but what we feel reading the words, what they remind us of in that moment. Art like poetry is about distilling the nature of life down to its essence. Allowing us to enter other worlds or reflect back on ourselves from a place beyond us. In freeing these constraints we can truly perceive. Journey down the ephemeral, sit by the fire, open a glass of wine. This book will feel like a long lost relatable friend on a journey just begun.
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Publish date07 Aug 2021
Published bySaxo Publish
ISBN epub9788740414578