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Corporate Values and Responsibility

The Case of Denmark

Corporate Values and Responsibility gives a flavour of the Danish landscape when it comes to corporate values and social responsibility. The ambition is to indicate the status of the Danish corporate agenda from political, corporate, academic and media perspectives.  Many Danish companies regard values and social responsibility as a "normal" element of their corporate strategy. Denmark is part of an international movement towards combining economic and social values. Danish companies have reached far on these issues.  The 26 authors of this book reflect this diversity. One of them is Professor Peter Pruzan. He has been an inspiration, collaborator and critical voice for Danish and international companies, NGOs, academics and the media throughout the last 20 years on issues of corporate values and responsibility. This book is written in honour of Peter.
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Printed pages307 Sider
Publish date01 Jan 2003
Published bySamfundslitteratur
ISBN pdf9788759399774