Dreams and Details – Reinvent your business and your leadership from a position of strength

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What do winning the next season in Formula 1, creating the successful Netflix TV-series The Killing, coaching the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series and leading a business through digital disruption have in common?

A lot according to Dreams and Details. They all require leadership to solve the most challenging dilemma in business: How do you reinvent an organization from a position of strength?

Dreams and Details explores the shifting business logic of the 4th industrial revolution and looks at how exponential developments require a new type of leadership. The book unfolds a new leadership model based on dreams and details: the power of dreams to inspire people to be part of something meaningful and exciting, and the attention to details that develop new capabilities and accelerate the transformation of the organization.

In a world of digital disruption, Dreams and Details helps leaders at all levels develop and unleash human potential to achieve exceptional performance. It is time for Dreams and Details. It is time for the next season in business and society.


“Dreams and Details inspires leaders to replace bureaucracy with human creativity and defines a new leadership model for continuous reinvention in a world of relentless change”.

Gary Hamel, Management expert, author and Visiting Professor at London Business School.

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Udgivelsesdato26 jun. 2018
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Isbn trykt bog9788771920536
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