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Martin Nyvang Mariussen is Partner at Kvadrant Consulting.

He has 10+ years of experience as manage-ment consultant to commercial B2B leaders with a special focus on commercial strategy, organizational design commercial transformation.

About the author

Thomas Børve Jørgensen is Managing Partner at Kvadrant Consulting. He has 15+ years of experience as a management consultant. He specializes in high complexity B2B sales and marketing and has led numerous global commercial transformation projects.

About the author

Sixten Schultz is Partner at Kvadrant Consulting.

He is an expert in B2B sales & marketing. With a strong background working in management consulting and in high-paced scale-ups. His focus is on creating efficient and effective sales organizations.

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Teams That Sell

Set, Build & Manage High Performing Teams in the New Era of B2B

Rethinking the traditional sales team to grow sales, efficiency & employee engagement

More salespeople report feeling burned out and fewer than ever able to meet their targets, as the complexity of selling grows in the new business-to-business environment. For sales leaders, continuing to pile on new requirements at the level of the individual sales rep is not a sustainable way forward and a different approach is required to grow sales, efficiency & employee engagement.

From selling as an individual discipline to one being done by teams of different specialists collaborating to win.

Through real life cases, research and decision tools, Teams That Sell shows business, commercial & sales leaders how to:

– Design more effective sales teams to handle the more complex challenge of selling in today’s B2B environment.
– Decide which type of sales team to use different business contexts and types of selling.
– Build and manage high performing sales teams with different types of specialist collaborating to sell.
– Succeed with the transformation from groups of individuals to teams that sell

Football teams with only strikers may score the occasional goal, but teams with collaborating specialists win games and championships.

Sales individuals can sell, but on a team with people that complement each other they excel.


Teams That Sell lays out a blueprint for how commercial leaders organize around one of the main developments we saw during my time at Sales Performance International and are still seeing today. The need for greater collaboration to succeed with sales. Selling is growing in complexity and difficult things are better solved by working together than working alone”.
Jürgen Heyman
Former CEO & Executive Chairman Sales Performance International (SPI)

Teams That Sell is about why more companies like ours are making selling a team effort, instead of being done by individuals working individually. It is not that our sales engineers can’t do it alone. It’s about how they can do it better as part of a team with different types of roles that complement each other, to make the whole greater than the sum of its individual parts”.
Tim Paymaster
CCO Ellab Validation & Monitoring Solutions

Teams That Sell  explains in simple and practical terms what those of us that have worked as leaders in high complexity sales have known for years; Selling is best done by people who complement each other rather than individuals. For sales leaders in need of an organizational blueprint that fits today’s selling environment, this is the book to read”.
Claus Ipsen
Sales Director Randstad and former Director, Solution Sales at ISS A/S



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