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About Spintype

Contact details
Spintype ApS
Gammel Kongevej 11
1610 København V

The Platform

Spintype is a platform for writing, reading and sharing books.

The target content creator audience of the platform is self publishers, who find the traditional author – publisher setups exhausting and unprofitable, and find the current self publishing tools confusing and overwhelming. With Spintype, we have aimed to create a simple platform where authors are in control, have a perfect overview, saves money and time, and which still delivers a professional looking book.

The target reader audience is online readers, who love to share and comment on books they read. Spintype is a platform that lets authors and readers connect directly, without the expensive intermediation of publishers and other middlemen.

Our web-based writing engine features automatic formatting of books. Once written, the book is released on a web-based, embeddable reader. We want to create a platform which makes it easy and cheap to create a professional looking book, and easy to distribute and sell it, and profit from it.

Authors can charge users for reading or make it available for free. Authors can decide to release it on digital book stores to enhance profits.

Readers can share, annotate and download books for offline reading.

The background story

Spintype was developed as a spin out of a small Danish publishing company, who had digitised its workflow for guidebooks. The technology needed further development to support flowtext books from individual authors, so a new company, Publishare, were established to focus on this specific solution.

In the beginning, the vision was to support the BTB market of other publishers with smarter workflows. But the inertia of the publishing industry quickly put an end to this vision, and the emerging self publishing market became the inevitable and obvious target audience for the solution.

Spintype was founded by Jesper and Mette Bove-Nielsen together with Martin Tilsted.

The team

Jesper Bove-Nielsen – Founder
Jesper is a thought leader on digital change, and has outlined the vision for the platform. He has vast experience both as a digital entrepreneur and as a digital transformation advisor for large companies.

Mette Bove-Nielsen – Co-Founder
Mette has more than two decades of experience in establishing and running successful online platforms. She has specified the Spintype platform.

Martin Tilsted – Partner
Experienced java-developer, who has been responsible for the technical development of the Spintype solution and algorithms.

Ownership is owned 100% by

Publishare ApS
Gammel Kongevej 11
1610 København V
Cvr: 36463570

which is owned 100% by

Digimental Holding Aps,
Rosenørns Allé 66. 2nd floor
Dk-1970 Frederiksberg C
Cvr: 25502272

which is owned 100% by the founder Jesper Bove-Nielsen.

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