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Author Agreement

This agreement takes effect upon your acceptance.

You must agree to these terms in order to use to write, preview, and publish your own content.

Your acceptance will be covering all and any content, you might submit to and publish with

General Platform disclaimer

You understand that does not engage in editing or in any other ways review or vouch for Author Submissions. You accepts the legal and moral responsibility for your submissions on


The Author understands that The Author has the full copyright of Author Submissions.

Illegal content

If it comes to the attention of, that the Author Submissions contains illegal, infringing or in other ways content that is not allowed according to The Platform’s Terms of Service, The Platform has the right to close and remove any such books.

Published books

The Author understands that will distinguish between free books and paid book:

Free books will allow publication of free Author Submissions without any Platform fee.

Paid books

  • The Author sets the price of any Author Submission.

  • The Author understands that's fee is 15% of the net revenue (Customer payable amount excluding shipping costs) of paid books, regardless of sales channel, and regardless of the book format, which may be printed or digital.

  • The Platform will further deduct direct sales related costs, such as print-on-demand printing price, before paying out the Author’s royalty. POD-costs is deducted from Author's share of net revenue, which is 85%.

  • The Author understands that may obtain free copies of digital or printed books for The Platform’s own usage and further development.

  • The Platform provides free ISBN numbers for digital and printed formats of the Author Submissions.

  • The Author is provided with sales statistics by

  • pay out royalty receivables to The Author at a minimum once a year.

Digital books

The Author may choose to publish Author Submissions as digital versions only. The book will then be available in three digital formats:

  • HTML-version, which is "streamed" from, and can be read and annotated on The Platform by readers

  • PDF-version which readers can download if they have bought the book, or if the book is free.

  • ePub-version which readers can download if they have bought the book, or if the book is free.

The digital versions can be sold on, or on other platforms via's built-in publishing tools.

Sales fee to external channels will be deducted before adding up the net revenue. So, if an external channel demands 30% in sales fee, then the net revenue will be 70% af the retail price.'s fee is 15% of the net revenue, also from sales via external channels.

The Author may have 20 free vouchers to each digital book to cover private and promotional actions.

Printed books

The Author may choose to publish Author submissions as printed books. All printed books, that a sold via, is inclusive digital versions. This means that will grant buyers access to the digital versions of a printed book they have bought.'s fee is 15% of the net revenue, also from sales of printed books, in any channel. The Author may have 20 free vouchers for each printed book to cover private and promotional actions. Shipping costs may at all times be paid.

Control of publishing Author Submissions

The Author understands that he or she has the full control and responsibility of publishing any of The Submissions. This means The Author can publish a specific book via The Author controls which distributions channels may use for each Author Submission. You can at any time unpublish any published content.

Granted rights to The Platform

By submitting this agreement, your hereby grant to the non-exclusive right to reproduce, display, and/or distribute published your Submissions (including the extract) as part of, in print and electronic format and in any medium. You also agree that may make and retain more than one copy for the purpose of preservation, security, and backup.

Author authority

You confirm that you, as sole author and/or on behalf of your co-authors, have the authority to grant the rights contained in this agreement.

Author responsibility

You also confirm that your Author Submissions do not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe upon anyone’s copyright.

If the Author Submissions contains material for which you do not hold copyright, you represent that you have obtained the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner to grant the Publisher the rights in this agreement, and that such third party owned material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text or content of the Submission. Alternatively, you represent that your use of third party material is allowed because the material is in the public domain or you have performed a fair use analysis and reasonably believe your use is permitted.

Credits to

The Author agrees that:

  • Author Submissions automatically will credit for book layout and distribution in the colophon, on the title page, and the cover, and that

  • Author Submissions must provide a link to

The Author agrees to include logos on frontpage, spine and backpage of the cover.

Creative Commons license or Spintype Only

The Author understands that he or she can determine to publish Author Submissions under a Creative Commons license, to allow for certain types of reuse without permission. By submitting this agreement, the Author agrees to apply a license to the Platform to create access to, sell, reproduce and distribute Author Submission upon publication, depending on the specific Publish settings choices of the Author. The Author can choose only to grant a publishing license of the Author Submissions to

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