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Spintype community guidelines

Be responsible

Do not violate the rights and copyright of others. Only use our website for legal content.

Use the community

We encourage you to interact with authors, readers, and freelancers within the community. The more you interact, the more money stays between you and the other users of our platform.


Invite others to read your book. Embed or share a quote or a link on your social networks.

Feel free to assign a Creative Commons license to your own content, if others may use it.


Recommend good books, write a review to let others know what you think.

Publish your books either free or paid.


Invite co-authors or editors to your unfinished book. Spintype lets you collaborate with others to finish your book. report misusage of your content

Document any misusage of your content, and sent it to us, so we can take action to mitigate the damage. report illegal content

Please let us know if you come across illegal content.

Make Spintype better

Please share your ideas for further development of this publishing and reading platform, so that it will grow to support and benefit authors and readers.

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