Everybody´s Got a Story. What´s Yours?
The Spintype Manifesto

"It ought to be a basic human right to be published. To be read. To be shared – and to profit from it, in the full sense of the word."


Books are great, aren´t they? They condense, curate, and distill knowledge. They capture minds and hearts. They move us. They make us better. They connect us. They help us evolve.

But they need to be read. To be shared. To be felt, consumed, to be discussed. Books are about freedom. Freedom of thought. Freedom of speech. Freedom to write. Freedom of press. They shouldn´t be locked in shelters and walled gardens. They need to live and breathe – just like humans.

Spintype is built on a simple founding belief. That everybody on our planet should have easy access to publish their thoughts, ideas, stories and dreams. That being published, being heard, being read ought to be a basic human right. And that even the books should have rights themselves.

With Spintype you can produce, share, and distribute free books for free.

You can produce, share, sell & distribute paid books for a very low fee. You keep 85% of all net revenues. Read here if you want to know the details.

With Spintype you can publish in print and digital, and even stream books.

If you want to become a publisher – or already is involved professionally in publishing, you can save a ridiculously large amount of money using the Spintype platform as a one-stop-publishing-platform. Believe us. We´ve done it at our own publishing company for years, before opening up the platform for the rest of the world. We saved more than 80% on print book typesetting, ebook formatting, distribution and other important, lengthy and expensive publishing processes.

There´s no need to wait. Spin your type and spread the word.

Love & Publish

The Spintype Founders,

Mette, Martin & Jesper