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Direct Leadership – Catch the Leadership Opportunities and Engage People

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Direct Leadership is for the leader who wants to excel in the day-to-day leadership of his/her team. The book spells out exactly what you need to deliver when you're entrusted with leading people. Further, it sensitises you to the easy-to-implement 3-step method of catching the leadership opportunities, relating them to the relevant area of responsibility and taking action with clarity so that your intentions are understood. If you follow the Direct Leadership approach in your day-to-day leadership, you'll soon be recognised as a committed, hands-on leader who gives your staff the guidance they need to be engaged and efficient. Direct Leadership is the method that will translate all the social skills and leadership competences that you already possess into actions that make immediate sense for your employees. Moreover, the key notion of leadership deliverables: - enables a pragmatic peer discussion about how to tackle employee challenges - facilitates an unbiased succession-planning - is well-suited for specific challenges, such as distance- and/or agile leadership The chapters are logically organised. After an introductory opening, Chapters 2 thru 14 explain the 7 roles and 4 styles and how they combine into an operational matrix model. Chapters 15 thru 20 tell how the Direct Leadership model applies to specific challenges such as the introduction of new leaders, distance leadership, project leadership, stress, etc. Finally, the book ends with an appendix that explains how Direct Leadership sets itself apart from other contemporary theories and leadership models. Direct Leadership has successfully been applied across cultures and in a variety of leadership situations such as team leadership, project management, line management, leadership of leaders, agile leadership etc. More than 40.000 leaders worldwide have so far enjoyed learning about Direct Leadership during training programs conducted in both large international corporations and smaller organisations.
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