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My Lady's Money

Ok, nobody wants to lose pound500 – but is it big enough of a deal to deserve a short story? To put it into context: a Victorian pound500 was about pound60,000 in today’s money. So, yeah, it’s a big deal. That’s why, when Lady Lydiard has the money stolen from her, the plot becomes a whodunnit. A precursor to modern-day detective novels, this novella revolves around the colourful characters (and a Scottie dog) who are all present in Lady Lydiard’s household when her pound500 disappears.

In this fun and compelling tale, two of the men suspected are both romantically interested in Isabel Miller, Lady Lydiard’s companion-cum-adoptive-daughter. "My Lady’s Money" follows these suspects as the intensity of both the theft and romance increases.

A classic mystery novella with a love story: think Miss Marple but with marriage proposals. London-born Wilke Collins (1824-1889) became known in Victorian England for his novels and plays, sometimes writing together with Charles Dickens. His most famous works, "The Woman in White" (1859) and "The Moonstone" (1868), are examples of the first modern detective novels.
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Publish date30 May 2022
Published bySAGA Egmont
ISBN epub9788726933246