Dangerous Lover

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Perfect for fans of the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn.

Sometimes the heart knows what it wants, as Susan Willowfield was about to find out. Justin Storr was a ruthless, temperamental and wildly attractive man. Despite being engaged to a society girl, he directs his attention to Susan, who has worked as his uncle’s secretary. How on earth could she resist his seduction, this unpredictably alluring man? The intriguing tale dating back to the 20th century by Jane Beaufort, a pseudonym of the romance writer Ida Pollock, offers a memorable love story for the romance-hungry reader.

A must-read for fans of literary romance and surprising twists of fate. Jane Beaufort is a pseudonym of Ida Pollock (1908 – 2013), a highly successful British writer of over 125 romance novels translated into numerous languages and published across the world. Ida Pollock has sold millions of copies over her 90-year career. Pollock began writing when she was 10 years old. Ida has travelled widely, living in several different countries. She continues to be popular amongst both her devoted fan base and new readers alike. Pollock has been referred to as the "world's oldest novelist" who was still active at 105 and continued writing until her death. On the occasion of her 105th birthday, Pollock was appointed honorary vice-president of the Romantic Novelists' Association, having been one of its founding members. Ida Pollock wrote in a wide variety of pseudonyms: Joan M. Allen, Susan Barrie, Pamela Kent, Averil Ives, Anita Charles, Barbara Rowan, Jane Beaufort, Rose Burghley, Mary Whistler and Marguerite Bell.
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Udgivelsesdato13 apr. 2021
Udgivet afSAGA Egmont
Isbn epub9788726565195
Isbn lydbog9788726566000
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