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Love and Friendship, and Other Early Works

Tucked away in a museum, lies the original notebooks of a teenage Jane Austen. Within the pages can be found the early writings of a girl who would go on to shape the literary landscape for years to come. From movies such as "Clueless" to "Emma", Jane Austen has been inspiring storytellers for over 200 years.

'Love and Friendship' is a collection of short stories from her journals that show the beginnings of some of her best-known stories. Her bold attitude and love of independence shine bright in these early writings.

Comprising 'Love and Friendship', 'Lesley Castle', 'The History of England', 'Collection of Letters', and 'Scraps', Austen’s juvenilia offers an entertaining and interesting glimpse into the author’s life. Jane Austen (1775-1817) is one of the most beloved British writers of all time. During her short life she published six novels: ´Sense and Sensibility´, ´Pride and Prejudice´, ´Mansfield Park´, ´Emma´, ´Northanger Abbey´ and ´Persuasion´, that are all considered as literary classics today. Her writing is full of sharp observations on the society in which she evolved, as well as ripe with timeless irony, and a solid dose of humour. She has created immortal characters that have inspired countless authors, novels, and movies such as 'Bridget Jones' and 'Clueless'. The most notable film adapted from a Jane Austen novel is 'Pride and Prejudice' from 2005 starring Keira Knightley ('Pirates of the Caribbean') and Matthew Macfadyen.
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