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Copenhagen Differently – The alternative guidebook

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This alternative guidebook has a different approach to the capital of Denmark. It focuses on topics and issues that are not already dealt with on the web: Basic facts that even Wikipedia fails to clarify, funny facts (trivia) on six topics, alternative sights, talk of the town, curious places, not that wonderful places, things to watch out for, general behaviour, suggested bicycle tours and walks. Apart from that, you will learn about what Copenhageners prefer themselves when it comes to recreational places, shopping destinations, the food scene and going out. Discover the Sound of Copenhagen, on location for films and tv-series, famous Copenhageners, recent city development as well as an essay. Whether you are a tourist, a student or an employee, this book will guide you through the pros and cons, things to appreciate and watch out for and help you how to enjoy one of the most livable cities in the world.
Printed pages132 Sider
Publish date2020-Jun-05
Published byBooks on Demand
Isbn epub9788743017929
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