Hidden Games- – in Love And War

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Odense, August 1943. The Danes are distancing themselves from the pacifist complacency of everyday life under German occupation, and a nation-wide revolt against Germany’s superior force is rapidly unfolding. Law and order are breaking down. When the vigilante hunt for collaborators and German-friendly girls, or ‘terrain mattresses’, begins in earnest, 17-year-old Maia Niemann's secret infatuation with a German officer threatens her life and her family’s fashion business. In secret, she flees to her father’s sister, Mille, in Copenhagen. But Aunt Mille has secrets of her own, not least, her dangerous involvement in the resistance movement. As the drama of war at home and abroad deepens, and Maia finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy, she begins to understand the unspoken rules of war. She becomes caught in a web of contingency lying but faces an impossible dilemma and is forced into making crucial choices affecting her life as well as that of her unborn baby.
Udgave1. engelske digitale udgave. Oversat fra den danske titel Skyggespil.
Trykt sideantal306 Sider
Udgivelsesdato20 sep. 2021
Isbn epub9788797168431
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