The Danish Economy in a Global

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The Danish Economy in a Global Context provides a general introduction to economic developments, institutions and policies in Denmark. Several topical policy issues, such as retirement, education and globalization, are discussed in a non-technical fashion.The text takes a global comparative perspective to highlight the differences and similarities between Denmark and other OECD countries.

The Danish Economy in a Global Context should be read as a general introduction to the Danish economy. While self-contained, it is intended for introductory economics courses where it complements theoretical textbooks with an empirical and institutional underpinning of key issues. The book can be read in its entirety or selected chapters can be read independently.

Key economic concepts are carefully explained throughout the book; it is therefore also accessible to students of subjects other than economics who want a broad and coherent introduction to key aspects of the Danish economy.   This second edition is fully updated regarding both texts, figures and tables.

About the authors: 
Torben M. Andersen Professor, Aarhus University Research interests: the welfare state; labour markets; globalisation; fiscal policy  
Jan Bentzen Professor, Aarhus University Research interests: energy and resource economics; sustainability; cost-benefit analysis   

Svend E. Hougaard Jensen Professor, CBS Research interests: economic effects of changing demographics; fiscal aspects of monetary unification; pensions; social security   

Valdemar Smith Professor, Aarhus University Research interests: industrial organisation; analyses of firms; economic aspects of management practices; gender issues   

Niels Westergaard-Nielsen Professor, CBS Research interests: labour markets; personnel economics; business growth
Printed pages275
Publish date2021-Jan-30
Published byDjøf Forlag
Isbn print9788757442823
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