20 Efficient Team Tools

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Several studies show that personal skills are just as crucial as professional skills in the 21st Century job m,arket. Companies demand employees who can participate in transnational and interdisciplinary collaborations. The toolbook is based on teachers’, companies’ and students’ experiences with teamwork from the course ‘Experts in teams’ at Business Academy Aarhus from 2013-2018. It contains different straightforward tools and exercises that can be used to facilitate collaboration in interdisciplinary teams. The tools and exercises have been tested at Business Academy Aarhus during the course. The toolbook is divided into four themes: Theme1-2: deal with the team process and contain tools for forming teams, teambuilding and teamwork facilitation. Team 3: reflection on teamwork. Reflection is fundamental to becoming an expert in teamwork. Team 4: the innovation process. It provides tools for idea creation, selection and visualization processes. Besides this, the toolbook has a description of the theoretical point of origin. The tool book is suited for companies, students and teachers who look for straightforward tools for facilitating interdisciplinary teamwork.
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Publish date2021-Jan-15
Published byFactum Books
Isbn pdf9788797055670
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