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Sergeant Billy MacVeigh and his partner Pelliter are tasked to defend the outpost of Point Fullerton. They are all alone in the Canadian Northwest, hundreds of miles from civilisation. Their last mission, right before the end of their service, is to find and arrest the ruthless murderer Scottie Deane. Part of the mission is also to capture Eskimo women traders, if they come across any of them.

How will Billy and Pelliter deal with the frozen wilderness? Will they finally capture the elusive Deane? Can someone help them to find the murderer? Find all the answers in James Oliver Curwood’s rough and tumble adventure novel "Isobel" from 1913. James Oliver Curwood (1878 - 1927) was an American writer as well as an unwavering nature lover and conservationist. As such, many of Curwood’s action-adventure stories were based on real events from the rugged landscapes of the American Northwest. He built himself Curwood Castle, which he used as a writing studio and as a place to greet guests. More than 150 motion pictures have been adapted to or directly inspired by his novels.
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Publish date02 Jun 2022
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ISBN epub9788726611236