Take the lead – you are in charge

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Do you have the will to lead?
And do you want to excel as a leader?

This book gives you guidance and tools for achieving the best possible results as a leader.

TAKE THE LEAD – YOU ARE IN CHARGE challenges the coaching-based leadership style, while highlighting a more classic leadership approach. The leader bears the responsibility, leads the way, gathers and motivates the troops, and leads the team towards more lofty goals.

Henrik Lind, entrepreneur and CEO, and Dion Sørensen, Chief People Officer and business psychologist, provide business insights and examples from the top tiers of the Danish business community. They share their experiences as leaders at Danske Commodities, a leading energy trading house that has developed a strong performance culture over the course of 14 years, resulting in annual revenue of nearly EUR 10 billion.

Even though the world is growing increasingly complex, the job of leadership itself has not really changed. Leading other people is an enormous and demanding responsibility – a responsibility that should be taken seriously. After all, the consequences of poor leadership are simply too serious for the companies, the employees and the leaders who fail in the role.

This book presents seven concrete leadership disciplines in the form of a series of practical tools you can use to develop your leadership capabilities and to enable you to excel as a leader.
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Publish date2021-Mar-09
Isbn print9788794055031
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