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The Naval War of 1812

Written when he was in his early twenties and after he had graduated Harvard, Roosevelt’s "The Naval War of 1812" recounts the war between Britain and the States of the early 19th century. In order to write this piece of military history Roosevelt embarked on a long and thorough research, and strove to present the events as they unfolded, with the neutrality and impartiality of a true historian. In this account, Roosevelt shows himself very critical of Thomas Jefferson’s actions, and of the United States’ lack of preparation for a war against the powerful British navy. He looks at each battle chronologically, giving thorough details about the equipment, the crews, and each military action. Theodore Roosevelt (1858 – 1919) was not only the 26th president of the United States but also a prolific writer. He lent his pen to many different topics, including history, biographies, autobiographies, and nature. He also wrote countless articles, letters, and even guide books. Some of his most famous works include: "The Rough Riders," "History of the Naval War of 1812," "African Game Trails," and "The Winning of the West."
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