Organization and people

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Organization and people provides a broad introduction to organizational theory. The book covers the main tools and theories and includes descriptions of the latest development in this area; for instance, CSR and innovation management, work psychology, including stress, motivation, burnout, etc. Organization and people is based on seven main topics: the organization’s structure, strategy, processes, management, culture, people, and surroundings – as depicted in the figure. The book also provides a historical overview of the most important “schools” of organizational theory. Organization and people has an unacademic approach to the topics and has a welcoming layout, with many stylish and informative figures. The 12 chapters have numerous examples from the real world, based on the author’s lifelong experience from different organizations. All chapters have practical exercises that put the theory into practice. Organization and people can be used by private individuals, for continuing education in private and public organizations, as well as in educational institutions, where it is an obvious choice for the subject, “Organization and work psychology”.
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Udgivelsesdato01 apr. 2020
Isbn trykt bog9788757129892
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