Stop stress ENG – a Manager’s Guide to Boosting Performance the Scandinavian Way

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Work related stress is a growing and costly problem in most organisations in developed countries, both in terms of financial and human costs. If you are an executive or a manager on any organisational level, you will have a significant possibility and responsibility for preventing and handling stress among employees.
Also you often end up with the responsibility for helping employees return to work after sick leave due to stress. This might initially feel like just another duty to be taken care, but actually is a great opportunity to take more control of and to boost the performance of your organisation. If you and your co-managers succeed, you as well as the employees will experience increased well-being, motivation and results. 

STOP STRESS is a book to equip managers with tools and understanding, of how to navigate employee stress. It presents best practice and the most up-dated research from Scandinavian and international organisations.

Scandinavian workplaces are known for their high degree of trust, participation, responsibility and efficiency and we believe that managers from all countries can learn from the Scandinavian management practices on how to reduce stress and enhance well-being and strengthen performance in the organisation.

Tomorrow’s leading organisations will define successful managers as managers that practice stress reducing management, as well as create high performance. Managers are highly motivated to do this  – but we often do not know how to do it. Based on prime moving Scandinavian practice and experience and ground-breaking research our book gives managers on all levels the newest knowledge on work related stress.

STOP STRESS also supplies you with go-to tools and troubleshooting models that can be implemented immediately in teams and with employees. This will improve the well-being as well as the performance and organisational results of both managers and employees.
Printed pages250
Publish date2020-Sep-04
Published byKlim
Isbn print9788772046228
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